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Localization services for software, marketing texts, and websites.  I will make sure that your text means what you want it to mean without suffering from  cultural or linguistic barriers.

Localization is an important step in international communications for any business wishing to avoid unfortunate cultural faux-pas.  A text that reads well to a British audience will not always make sense to an American one.  Similarly, an image or reference which is funny or endearing in one culture may be offensive in another.  Gerber experienced this when they marketed baby foods to countries in Africa only to find that the Gerber bottles, complete with the trademark picture of a baby, were not very popular.  The reason?  In many African countries it is common practice to put an image of what is inside a product on the packaging so that those who cannot read will know what to buy.  For some reason, baby food made of babies just didn't sell well.

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