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Contact me for a free quote. For the most accurate quote, please include as much information as possible:

  • A copy of the text to be translated
        • If this is a scanned copy, please make sure it is legible and none of the text is cut off.
  • Deadline
  • Stylistic requirements
        • I base the style of the translation on the style of the original, but if you want your translated text to have its own style, let me know! Does it need to be formal? Informal? Satirical? Whimsical? Persuasive? ...?
  • Formatting requirements
        • For most translations, I produce a Word document that follows the basic format of the original text. If your text has specific formatting requirements, please let me know.
        • For Vital Records and Academic Records translations, I closely reproduce the format of the original text.
  • Need for certification
        • Vital records (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, etc.), diplomas, and academic transcripts are just a few of the texts I translate that require certification. Are you sending the translation to USCIS? Not a problem! I frequently translate for USCIS, and my translations have never been rejected.

          Let me know what agency or organization has requested certification, and what their specific requirements are.
  • Purpose of text
        • If I know the purpose of the translation, I can better provide you with a translation suited to your needs.

          A legal translation has to follow the original text very closely. A marketing translation may end up very different from the original text, to better speak to a new market. Translations for academic research often preserve foreign aspects and textual ambiguity to help the reader better explore all avenues of research.
  • Target audience
        • Who will be reading this translation? Lawyers? Laymen? Customers? Adults? Children? Employees? ...?
  • Any further information


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