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My rate of translation, subject to the difficulty and complexity of the text, is roughly 2,000 words per day.  I do not use machine translation, which, amusing as it is, is unreliable and inaccurate.

I translate texts in the following fields:

Academic Research:

  • I translate a wide variety of academic and historical texts for researchers and professors. For these texts, the English will be clear and legible, but it will not be polished to remove the foreign element. I am happy to provide notes and comments on ambiguities in the French so that you can explore all relevant avenues of research.


  • I love translating texts for adoptions. These are the most heartbreaking, and yet, heartwarming, texts that I have ever worked on. I love being part of the process that helps a child find his or her way into a new, loving, forever family. I provide certified translations of adoption decrees, birth certificates, and the many supporting documents required for an international adoption. I know that the USCIS requirements are demanding and that a quick turnaround time is very important.

    Unfortunately, is not uncommon for the French-language adoption documents to be wrong. One fairly common example is adoption judgments that combine the life history information of two different adoptive children. I am happy to warn you when I find these problems, so that we can find the best way to proceed, saving you time and money in the paperwork process.

    I look forward to working with you as you journey down this challenging and exciting path, and I would love to hear from you at the end of your journey when your child is finally home. 


  • I provide precise translations of contracts and legal documents. For the most accurate translation, please provide as much information as possible: supporting documents, context, and photos of items referenced are all extremely helpful in sifting through potential ambiguities. 

Deaf Issues:

  • I have translated a great number of texts regarding the Deaf community and services for the deaf and hard of hearing. This is an absolutely fascinating field, and I look forward to discussing it with you.

Diplomas & Transcripts:

  • I provide word-for-word, certified translations of diplomas and transcripts. For diploma and transcript translations, I follow the format of the original text very closely. I have translated countless academic documents, and no university has ever rejected my translations.


  • I enjoy translating marketing copy for a wide variety of companies. Marketing translations need to be finessed. I will translate the content of your marketing copy, but I understand that your English text needs to be different from your French text. An American audience will not respond the same way as a French audience, and the translation needs to reflect this. I will translate your copy to provide you with an effective English-language marketing text, not a word-for-word translation of the French text.


  • I have translated many texts regarding telecommunications systems for both the hearing and the Deaf communities. Whether your text is marketing, technical, or sociological in nature, I will be happy to look it over and send you a quote.

Vital Records—USCIS:

  • I provide word-for-word, certified translations of vital records (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, etc.). For vital records translations, I follow the format of the original text very closely. I have translated countless vital records certificates , and no agency has ever rejected my translations. I am accustomed to providing certified translations for USCIS and will be happy to work with you to provide a certified translation to suit your needs.

Becaue no editor is as demanding as a translator, many companies will not publish texts in their native language until their translator has completed the translation into a foreign language. The translator will find and point out any errors, ambiguities, or inconsistencies in the source text.  This service alone can be invaluable.

Translation is a nuanced art that requires understanding of the source language, an outstanding grasp of the target language, facility with the subject matter, and appreciation of the purpose of the text.  A good translator is demanding in his work, has an insatiable curiousity for knowledge, and possesses a love of language.  Bringing these qualities to bear not only produces a good translation, it provides excellent quality assurance of the source text.   As Bertrand Russell put it:

"Everything is vague to a degree you do not realise 'til you have tried to make it precise."


"I am consistently impressed with the exceptional quality of Anne’s work, especially on a day's notice! Anne’s use of language, composition of translated documents, and presentation are consistently professional and elegant. "

-Hillorie B.


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